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Teign Estuary, Devon

February 16, 2009

in Devon coast

It’s possible to walk from Newton Abbot to Teignmouth along the estuary side, as long as you time your walk for low tide. It’s a slippery walk over ooze and weed and stone, but the tidal mudflats are full of birdlife and bounded by stretches of woodland where herons nest, and shellfishermen wade into the mud to collect mussels. At one time, this was a busy thoroughfare of barges, transporting granite and clay to the seaport at Teignmouth. Now, the Templer Way is a waymarked route following the watercourse from its origins on Dartmoor all the way to the sea.

A typical winter’s day can render most scenes fairly dull, with a blanket of thick grey cloud spreading a monochrome gloom over the landscape. But here at Sheldon a little gap opened up, enough for a glancing light on the boats and houses.

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