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March 6, 2009

in Devon landscapes

The fog arrived for dramatic effect. As if the shape of this tree wasn’t enough.

I suspect this tree is an elm; it is certainly deceased and riddled with fungus. It’s at the side of the Grand Western Canal in Devon, which has Country Park status, and the rangers will have left it to continue its vital function in the ecological balance of the canal margins. Instead, the branches have been shortened and left with pointed teeth, wonderfully dramatic with the glowing fog as a backdrop. The image is made even more odd by the perspective: the canal is passing across a valley at Halberton on a high aqueduct, which makes the water appear to disappear into the sky.

I used a split tone effect on this image, to enhance the uneasiness of the scene; the bluish highlights give the fog more of a palpable presence.

This image looks wonderful when printed on a metallic paper – the fog takes on a shimmering glow.

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