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Tiny flowers of London Pride

April 2, 2009

in Flora & fauna

A spray of tiny, star-like flowers on a little plant with a big name: London Pride.

Its scientific name is Saxifraga x urbium, but it also has gone by such strange names as Prattling Parnell and Look Up and Kiss Me. Apparently the name London Pride came about because it rapidly colonised the bombed sites of London during the Blitz, and became a symbol of the resilience of Londoners during the war.

It is a small, unassuming plant that hugs the ground but in spring the delicate flowers are held up high above the rosette of leaves. Close up, the tiny flowers are surprisingly showy and embellished with pink and yellow spots. By focusing on one flower, and allowing the background to gently subside into a blur of green, the flowers and the tracery of the stems seem like a piece of embroidery.

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