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June 23, 2012

in Flora & fauna

Comfrey plants are familiar to anyone who maintains an organic garden. They are vigorous plants which can be cut a number of times a year to use as mulch or fertiliser. Its deep roots obtain minerals from the lower levels of the soil that other plants don’t reach, making comfrey one of the best organic sources of potassium and other trace minerals.

I usually leave mine to flower because the bees love it. The flowers are small and easy to overlook, but close up they are beautiful little bells held on gently unfurling spirals. Instead of a colour image, I’ve chosen a black and white with a gentle split tone treatment to draw attention to the shape of the whole floret. Along with the shimmer of the fine hairs, it gives an almost metallic feel. It looks sensational printed on a metallic paper such as Kodak Endura Metallic.

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