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hoar frost

June 24, 2012

in Devon landscapes

Sometimes the coldest days can be the most lovely, and venturing out from the warmth of home is rewarded by the view. Devon is a damp place, with the two moors of Exmoor and Dartmoor pulling moisture from the air as it comes in from the Atlantic. But it isn’t usually a cold place, being on a peninsula protected by the Gulf Stream. It’s fairly unusual to get both cold and wet at the same time.

A thick and freezing fog hangs over the village, lying over the treetops and turning the sky to milk. It has condensed onto the trees as hoar frost – long white crystals of ice that grow away from the prevailing wind. For some reason this majestic oak tree seems to be only lightly dusted with frost so its golden-brown leaves add a touch of warmth to this cold scene.

This looks wonderful printed on Hahnemuhle paper. The giclee printing process captures the finest detail whils the texture of the heavy art paper complements the soft tones of the image.

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