Fine art prints

Creating a fine art photograph begins with an artist’s eye and ends with a craftsperson’s skill.

Every photograph arises from something very personal, a response to what I see and feel around me. The challenge is to create an image that incorporates and shares that response. This means calling on the tools of art, such as composition, balance, contrast, texture, colour or tone.

Like a craftsperson, I take my raw material – light – and use photographic tools to reveal its qualities, always mindful of my intent. Before and after the shutter is pressed, I work with my material to create what is in my mind’s eye. I take great care with detail preservation and colour fidelity, and prepare the image to reproduce faithfully on each type of paper. Finally I choose high quality print processes, professional standard paper and conservation grade mounts.

The result is a fine art print that possesses clarity, depth of colour and long life.

Exploring my collection

To explore my photographic collection visit my on-line gallery which you can reach via the menu above. I’ve arranged my photographs into separate collections by theme, to make it easier to look through.

As new images are added they will appear on the front page of this website as well, so you can come back later and see the newest additions straight away. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed if you use a feed reader to see whenever something new appears.

Choosing a print

As you browse the photographs in my gallery, click on a thumbnail to see a larger version. You’ll find a little information about each of the images, along with the option to order a print if you choose. There are three different sizes, and different types of paper available too – full details are on my papers and sizes page. For a summary of print prices and post charges, visit my prices and delivery page.

With all prints you have a choice whether to purchase it mounted or unmounted. An unmounted photograph is ideal if you wish to have total control over frame style and mount colour to precisely suit your room. A mounted print is ideal if you wish to give this print as a gift, as it instantly looks more ‘finished’.

Commercial customers looking to enliven their environment and private customers looking for a complete package will need the print to be fully framed. I don’t publish a set framed price because I feel it’s important to choose the frame to suit the eventual location, and that is something that can only be settled by talking to you. Please contact me for a quote on bespoke framing.